Monday, 18 August 2008

Something both vegan and folkie

We played for a 40th birthday party near Doncaster last Saturday. Now, normally at gigs in South Yorkshire it's meat, meat and cheese (although Sheffield is sometimes slightly better), but when we got there it went like this:

Party organiser: We're still eating but there's plenty of food, please help yourselves before you get going
Us: Which things are vegetarian?
Her: Everything's vegetarian
Us: Is anything vegan?
Her: What's vegan?
Us: No dairy products or eggs
Her: Well... that dip has yoghurt in it, but everything else is vegan

It turns out the person organising the party (sister-in-law of the birthday girl) was Indian and had made all the food and she, birthday girl and husband were all vegetarian, so there were loads of vegan samosas and some other fried things I don't know the name of but were very nice, and salad and crackers and dips. Usually when they say "help yourselves to the buffet" it's like "ooh, I'll have some tomato and cucumber off the side of the sandwich plate, and oh look, a plain piece of bread! How exciting" so it was nice to be able to take a full plate of nice food! Although for this gig we were two vegans, one vegetarian and one omni, so we weren't in the minority. I like those sorts of gigs too - when they're giving us food and instead of saying "who's the veg*n" it's "who's the meat eater?".

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