Thursday, 8 January 2009

Reducing cancer risk from meat...

This article made me think: Marinating 'may cut cancer risk'

Apparently some Portuguese researchers reckon that if you marinate meat in alcohol it reduces the likelihood of it giving you cancer. Might I suggest that not eating it in the first place will reduce the risk of it giving you cancer even further?

It puzzles me, why eat something that's likely to give you cancer? I mean, Cancer is supposed to be this big scary thing, you'd think people would want to avoid getting it. It's like cigarettes, people who smoke know it's bad for them and they know they're more likely to get cancer because of it, but they enjoy it or they can't stop so they don't stop. Same with meat I suppose. Red meat in particular is starting to get bad publicity, it's something to consume "in moderation" (only at all because the nutritional bodies/government know that not many people would take a blind bit of notice if advised to actually give it up altogther) rather than this wonderfood it sounds like it used to be marketed as. Meat-eating habits are like cigarette-smoking habits, it's bad for you but people enjoy it so are reluctant to give up their pleasure.

Vegan margarine 2 for £1.40 in Netto

Wake up in the morning wantin' me breakfast, what vegan sunflower spread do I lay on my bread? ...

A bit of a random post to start of the new year, and probably old news, but Vitalite is now suitable for vegans after I don't know how long waiting. They'd been promising for months to remove the non-vegan vitamin D from the recipe - which apparently involved reformulating the entire recipe, which then failed quality control and had to start again - but anyhow, vegan margarine goes mainstream, and gets quite a bit cheaper. I know it's sad to get excited about margarine, but it's the little things that make a difference, every vegan product that gets into mainstream shops and supermarkets that makes it easier for people to cook and eat vegan food and live the vegan lifestyle or support other people who do.